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This is to inform you that Sify has decided to transition on new platform for DNS services “Any-Cast DNS”

Any-cast is futuristic technological design for DNS services. We have deployed physical servers across 3 metros in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi that will resolve DNS queries and also serve as redundancy in case of failure.

Request you to configure below provided DNS IP's in all your internet devices. Request your cooperation on this step of SIFY




Kindly note existing DNS servers will be shut down on 30th April’17 midnight onwards. Please do necessary changes in DNS settings before the above mentioned timeline for un-interrupted services

Below are few of key benefits in moving towards Any-cast DNS design.



Benefit Description
  • Increased Reliability

Any-cast improves reliability of DNS through the placement of multiple geographically dispersed servers at the same IP address. The redundancy of these DNS servers makes the service more highly available and reliable.

  • Load Balancing

Dynamic layer 3 routing of Any-cast IP Addresses will effectively load balance DNS queries especially over equal cost route paths.

  • Improved Performance

Packets destined for Any-cast DNS servers will be routed to the "nearest" server in the topology. This helps ensure that DNS clients are querying their local servers first before using remote servers based upon routing and topology.

  • Enhanced Security

Geographically dispersed DNS servers that operate using the same IP address makes the DNS service more resilient to DoS and/or DDoS attacks because its much tougher to launch attacks on hosts that use duplicated IP address schemes that reside in different parts of the network.

  • Localized Impact of DoS Attacks

Successfully launched DoS and/or DDoS attacks will typically be localized and only affect a portion of the entire Any-cast DNS group.

  • Simplified Client Configuration

Any-cast DNS can dramatically simplify the configuration of all DNS client resolvers. It's possible to use the same nameserver IP Addresses for ALL DNS client resolvers. Configuring DHCP templates for dynamically configured hosts, as well as, imaging or hand-configuring static configured IP clients would be dramatically simplified.

  • Increased Availability

A DNS Any-cast server that becomes unavailable due to failure or routine maintenance will have very little impact on name resolution service because the service routes are withdrawn from the routing tables.  Routing will divert this traffic to new alternate best path servers in the Anycast group.


You can contact our corporate helpdesk on the following number for any clarification / support UAN: 1800 419 2929 / 044 66022400


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